* Tulisan ini saya copas dari Facebook. Ayoo manfaatkan untuk memaksimalkan Fanpage bisnis kita.

More than 600 million people visit Facebook Pages every day. Make sure the people that matter to you can find your Page.

Tip 1: It’s easy to be found, just complete your Page

The information you share on your Page helps people find your Page on Facebook in News Feed , Graph Search , or Nearby.
  1. Category and description: Add accurate details like category and description so people can find your Page in search
  2. Address, hours, phone number, website: If you have an address and contact information, be sure to enter it so people can find you and check in
  3. Profile and cover photo: People engage more with your Page when they see photos that are as unique as your business, brand or organization
  4. Page web address: A customized Page web address makes it simple for people to find you on Facebook and can be used in marketing communications. You can update your page web address here.

Tip 2: Get the word out about your Page to your friends and customers

  • You can invite your friends on Facebook to like your Page. Go to Build Audience tab at the top of your Page and select Invite Friends.
  • You can send invitations to your email contact lists by uploading your own contact list file or using your email contact lists from the online services you use such as Yahoo!, Gmail as well as third party email marketing providers like Constant Contact and MailChimp.
  • To send invites to your contact lists, go to your Page and click on Build Audience and then select Invite Email Contacts.

Tip 3: Drive traffic to your Page from News Feed

News Feed is the most engaging place on Facebook. It’s where people connect to the friends and businesses that matter most to them. Here are tips to ensure your business can be found on News Feed:
  • Create relevant, high quality posts. News Feed will always optimise for stories that generate high levels of user engagement and filter out ones that don’t.
  • To make sure your posts are engaging, include compelling images and keep the text concise. Think about the types of posts that you interact with the most in your News Feed.
  • Ensure you have a profile photo for your Page. Your profile picture is the picture that people see next to your Page everywhere on Facebook including News Feed. This is how people recognise your business.

Tip 4: Understand what works

  • Monitoring what types of posts are getting good responses is key. Use Page Insights to determine what types of content — videos, posts, questions, etc. — are getting good engagement versus what types aren’t.
  • To access your Page Insights, go to the center of your Page Admin panel to a section called Insights. Or, you can go to the drop-down menu with the gear below your cover photo and select View Insights.
  • As you learn what posts are getting the most engagement, make sure you optimise your future posts based on what resonates best with your customers. This is an ongoing learning process but will help you grow engagement with your audience.

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